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About Mr.Taster

Hubert Sepidnam, known as Mr.Taster, is a food industry blogger
He has been posting about restaurants for people on social media for more than Twelve years

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Mr.Taster (Hubert Sepidnam) is one of the first few food bloggers across social media since 2005. Hubert born in Manchester, England has over 15-years of experience in food blogging and food industry and 25 years in digital marketing. Hubert Sepidnam was recognized at the Best Personal Brand Award of the year organized by the university of Zurich, Switzerland (ZHAW) in 2021 He also had the experience of speaking at the SMXL in Milan in 2016 and presenting at the Digital Marketing SEO and Content Marketing at The European Search Awards event in 2014.

Mr.Taster works with various well known brands in Dubai such as Buur, Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers, Marriott Hotel, Atmosphere Burj Khalifa, The Crossing and much more that you can see all in the Brand Collaborations page. Mr.Taster enters to various restaurants and gives genuine feedback about the quality of foods, hygiene, customer services and the value for the price of menus. His recommendation built strong trust and reputation in increasing customer database across restaurants/ cafes/ and hotels

Mr. Taster is one of the well-known celebrity influencers across social medias with over 1.950 million organic followers on Instagram, 700K on Facebook, 670K TikTok & 130K YouTube subscribers. Mr.Taster’s target audiences are food lovers across the globe. His TikTok had more than 10 million views last month and his Instagram had over 30 million impressions. Some videos on TikTok have more than 67 million views and more than 13 million views on Instagram.

By promoting your restaurant/ café/ bar/ hotel across Mr.Taster’s social medias, your brand awareness will increase dramatically & become stronger. Each post can get over hundreds of thousands of views, likes, comments & shares.9

Brands honesty is a crucial factor to drive traffic to your restaurants / cafes.